Public domain photo of Mary Pickford

Ready to work on a money goal? When you’ve designed your goal, write it down. We are more likely to achieve written goals than unwritten ones.

The findings of neuroscience support this claim. Brain researchers have discovered that neurogenesis (the birth of brain cells, or neurons) continues throughout life. They have also discovered that neurons can change themselves, their organization, and their function through new life experiences. This is known as neuroplasticity. If we direct our attention toward something, our attention exerts physical effects on the dynamics of the brain. The brain starts to rewire itself to accommodate the object of our attention.

When we write down our goals and then reference them again and again during our change efforts, we are repeatedly directing our attention toward our goals. This actually changes our brains to support the end outcome we desire. In contrast, if we do not write down our goals, we do not have an anchor for our attention, and this makes it less likely that a supportive brain-rewiring will occur.

Once you have written down your goal, where will you post it so you can see it on a regular basis?