Photo by Spreadfilms; Wikimedia Commons

This week, reporter Naomi Mannino wrote a comprehensive piece for proposing several links between physical health and financial health. I was honored to be interviewed for the article. Here is a selection:

Regular physical activity can boost your brain power. Much research has proven that regular exercise has cognitive benefits and can boost your ability to plan, focus and multitask, all hallmarks of successful money management. This 2011 review published in the Journal of Applied Physiology entitled, “Exercise, Brain, and Cognition Across the Life Span” concluded that one hour of light aerobic activity at least three times per week and resistance training two to three times per week allowed participants to see benefits. Increasing resistance is a key factor in increasing cognitive skills, according to the review. Beckman says that exercise is also known to reduce stress levels, a well-known trigger in both overeating, smoking, alcohol consumption and compulsive shopping…all of which can cause overspending.

Check out the full article: Can 10 squat-thrusts per day improve your bottom line?

Which do you think is easier: boosting your physical fitness or your financial fitness?