St. Francis Xavier physical sciences lab; accessed through Wikimedia Commons

What was once a doorbusting 30 percent off in the stores is now 40 percent, 50 percent, maybe even 60 percent off.  It seems like the commercials that tout these deals on television shout louder every day as we inch toward Christmas.

Think about the your financial change goals from this year.  How are you doing on those?  Are you 30 percent  more successful than last year?  40 percent?  60 percent?

What if, at the risk of sounding like an infomercial, someone could promise you a way to be 1,000 percent more successful at producing change?

According to author Kerry Patterson and colleagues (Change Anything published by Vital Smarts, LLC in 2011), that is what happens when you apply the science of personal success to your change efforts.  These authors run a lab where they read the latest research findings in social science, conduct their own research, and interview people who are successful at maintaining behavior change for the long-term.

According to their outcomes, people who understand the science behind success are more than 1,000 percent successful at producing change than individuals who try other methods.

But don’t let the word “science” scare you off.  Effective change does not require test tubes, the periodic table of the elements, and molecular formulas.  It simply requires an openness to the kind of ideas that I have been describing on this website for the past year or so.

None of the scientific ideas may seem profound or life-changing in themselves.  But take a few ideas, apply them purposefully and systematically, and watch yourself become successful at financial change.

Is there a scientific idea that you would like to apply to your financial change efforts in 2012?