Photo by Vicki Nunn

Imagine that there is a slight twist on the old magic genie scenario, and the genie offers to answer three questions for you.

Committed as you are to your financial change efforts, you decide you are going to use your questions strategically.  You want the answers you receive to accelerate your progress toward your financial goal.  What are the three questions you should ask?

(1)   What is it that I’ve been gaining by NOT making the financial change I know I should make?  In other words, what needs have been served, or what reward has been achieved by staying stuck in my present pattern?  For example, if I have been overspending, am I rewarded by a sense of freedom, autonomy, power, or status?  If so, how can I meet this need in a healthier way?

(2)   What is the price I am paying by NOT changing my behavior?  If I consider the negative effects that my behavior has already created, and then I imagine these effects multiplying over time, what scenario am I creating for myself five, ten, or twenty years down the road?

(3)   What are the most exciting things I will gain by making this change in my financial behavior?  If I see myself living out this change into the future, what will be new, fun, and different about my life?  For example, will I have greater peace of mind, a fun-filled retirement, or the ability to give my money to a worthwhile cause?

Thankfully, if you don’t have the benefit of a magic genie, you can still reach deep into your heart and find the answers to these questions.  And the answers will help you engage your emotions so you can use them to help you create success.

What other questions do you want to ask in order to positively transform your money habits?  Please share your ideas!