Game to illustrate money goals

Photo by Robin Parker; Wikimedia Commons

Every week in my change groups there is a “check-in” period during which group members report on the progress they are making toward their goals. I am often dismayed to hear them minimizing, belittling, or outright dismissing their weekly accomplishments because they feel they are too “small.”

Somehow, they feel that their progress doesn’t count unless it is dramatic or perfect or complete.

However, most of the time when change happens, it happens one small step at a time. We make a long series of successive approximations, getting closer and closer to our money goals in a slow and steady way.

If change happens gradually, bit by bit, perhaps the proper check-in question is not, “What did you accomplish this week?” Instead, it should be “What did you do even a little bit right?” After all, it is these small steps that we need to celebrate and build upon if we are working toward a long-term goal.

How do you stop to acknowledge the small steps that you have made in the direction of your money goals? Send your ideas!