Photo by Paul Toepfer; full usage rights granted

I’m celebrating one year of blogging about motivation, persistence, and self-control in the personal finance domain!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a blog without the community of readers.  So what better way to celebrate a blogiversary than to remember some of my favorite readers’ comments from the past year.

Let’s see…there was Etta, who gave us a creative way to gain perspective on our finances:

I heard a variation on the hot air balloon idea once–you imagine yourself packing up your troubles in a suitcase and then throwing it over the side! The troubles look much different when they land on the ground. (August 22)

Then there was Maria, who advised us to trust the napping kitty more than a financial professional:

According to a financial advisor, “stock will be up and down for a long time now.” Stick with the kitty! (August 30)

The award for the “most resourceful” reader comment has to go to Jen, who taught us how to fold fitted sheets:

Turn two of the corners (on a short end of the fitted sheet) inside out and tuck them into the opposing right-side out ends. Then the sheet is folded in half with pockets at the corners facing up. Then just fold a few more times and presto! (I learned that from a Martha Stewart magazine). In terms of financial goals, I remember that I am still ahead of many others in my saving/investing, even if I am not the amazing guru that can pick all the right funds/stocks, etc. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race. Same thing with fitted sheets. (May 23)

Dan had a great idea for how to be generous with his money:

I would deliver Subway sandwiches to all the homeless people on the square. (June 14)

And Jim had an idea for how to change the world, as well:

We know that it makes you happier to spend on experiences rather than things, and to spend on others than yourself, so buying experiences for others is about as good as you can do.

I’d find people who spend their time helping others and send them on once-in-a-lifetime vacations. They’d get to recharge and learn that the world can get along without them for a few weeks. (June 16)

Thanks for all of the great thoughts, ideas, and contributions.  I look forward to reading your comments in the next year!