In one of the groups that I lead at my workplace, I give each member an “official changer card” that they can carry with them to remind them of their change effort.

Research evidence points to the idea that if you can somehow make your change effort a bigger part of your identity or self-concept, you will be more likely to make the kinds of decisions that support your end goal.

I met someone recently who gave me a fantastic example of this.  He said that he used to show up late for everything—meetings, events, social gatherings, and so on.  He told me that he hit a turning point rather abruptly one day.  Thinking to himself, “That’s it!  I’m not going to be a late person anymore,” he transformed his self-image into that of a person who shows up on time or even early.  After he started defining himself in a new way, he was never late again.

Have you ever changed your behavior by altering your identity or self-concept?  Send your examples!