Photo by Francesca Cesa Bianchi; Wikimedia Commons

Many of my blog entries are devoted to the topic of what to do when you are thrown off course in the process of changing a money habit. Although it is critical to have a clear process to use that will steer you back in the direction of your financial goal, it is also good to have a method of celebrating the right behavior when it occurs. Behavior you celebrate grows even stronger!

Ways to celebrate your new, healthy behavior include:

  1. Identify what went right. What choices did you make, what thoughts did you think, and what actions did you take that allowed you to do the right thing in this situation? How can you set up your circumstances to increase the probability that you can do this again?
  2. Appreciate the strengths and skills you are building as you stick to your goal. Pause and pay attention to what you’ve accomplished. Are you building discipline, character, patience, impulse control, persistence, or stick-to-itiveness? Great! These traits will continue to get stronger with practice.
  3. Admire yourself for having the courage and strength to start a new change journey. Even if you’ve just started practicing your new, healthy money habit, you’ve started—and that’s more than many other people can say!
  4. Share the good news with a friend. Call a trusted friend who can celebrate the moment with you. Together, you can dream what your next healthy step will be.

How do you celebrate successful execution of a new habit? Send your ideas!