Have you ever noticed how the human brain favors the pleasure of instant gratification over the benefits of long-term health and well-being? Resisting temptation is difficult, and the inability to resist temptation underlies a wide range of money problems including overspending, accumulating debt, and failing to save enough money for the future. A recent study […]

Personal change is a popular topic this time of year as many individuals commit to New Year’s resolutions. As a reader of this website, you already know that successful attainment of self-improvement requires (1) setting a goal; (2) taking actions that lead you to your goal; and (3) monitoring your progress (allowing you to adjust […]

As long as I’ve started the food theme, I’ll share another food-related piece of research that gives us insight into the nature of impulse control. Baba Shiv, a professor at Stanford University, studied two groups of undergraduates.  Members of one group were asked to remember a two-digit number, while members of the other group were […]