When you are trying to change a difficult financial behavior, the obvious question you ask is “What is getting in the way of doing the right thing?” This helps you identify barriers and design ways to get around them. What we often forget, though, is an equally important question: “What is allowing the wrong behavior to […]

Personal change is a popular topic this time of year as many individuals commit to New Year’s resolutions. As a reader of this website, you already know that successful attainment of self-improvement requires (1) setting a goal; (2) taking actions that lead you to your goal; and (3) monitoring your progress (allowing you to adjust […]

Every week in my change groups there is a “check-in” period during which group members report on the progress they are making toward their goals. I am often dismayed to hear them minimizing, belittling, or outright dismissing their weekly accomplishments because they feel they are too “small.” Somehow, they feel that their progress doesn’t count […]

It seems that exercise is ever-evolving.  If you attend a gym regularly, you probably notice that every couple of months, people are flocking to the latest and greatest exercise adventure—from Zumba to hot yoga to TRX training.  Each program makes impressive claims, promising to increase your strength, control, power, and balance. There is one program […]

Have you ever been so focused on something, you completely missed an obvious detail or opportunity that was occurring at the same time? It is a useful skill to be able to pay close attention to something, but it is amazing what can we miss because of selective attention.  For a hilarious example of this, […]

  We’ve made it!  Here we are at the fourth post in a four-part series on self-control. We’ve covered the impulsive self, the planful self, and the conditions under which our impulses take over our behavior. Finally, we have arrived at the strategies for strengthening self-control.  Here are the top ten tips: Gain knowledge about […]

Still thinking about the topic of impulse control and why it’s so important when it comes to maintaining our financial health? This post marks the third in a four-part series on the topic.  So far, we’ve looked at the “unthinking side” of impulse control, which includes the gut reactions and snap decisions that happen underneath […]

This post marks the second in a four-part series aimed at understanding impulse control and why it’s important when it comes to maintaining our financial health. Last week, we looked at the “unthinking side” of impulse control: the impulsive self that operates underneath the radar of our conscious mind and makes quick decisions that sometimes […]

“Control” is a word that gets a bad rap.  No one wants to be accused of being a control freak or engaging in controlling behavior. At the same time, self-control is one type of control that we probably wish to have in abundant supply, because the lack thereof could be devastating to our finances. This post […]