Personal change is a popular topic this time of year as many individuals commit to New Year’s resolutions. As a reader of this website, you already know that successful attainment of self-improvement requires (1) setting a goal; (2) taking actions that lead you to your goal; and (3) monitoring your progress (allowing you to adjust […]

Hooray! I’m happy to celebrate three years of blogging about motivation, persistence, and impulse control and their relationship to financial health. It has been a great year. In July, I released my book Pocket Change: Using the Science of Personal Change to Improve Financial Habits. What a joy it has been to see this work […]

Every week in my change groups there is a “check-in” period during which group members report on the progress they are making toward their goals. I am often dismayed to hear them minimizing, belittling, or outright dismissing their weekly accomplishments because they feel they are too “small.” Somehow, they feel that their progress doesn’t count […]

Aristotle knew a thing or two about the philosophy of “fake it ‘til you make it.” In his day, though, he didn’t call it that. Instead, he explained that we become virtuous by first putting virtues into action, we become disciplined by first exercising good self-control, and we become courageous by first performing acts of […]

In a previous post, I’ve discussed how self-control training has the power to transform your life. Building up your self-control muscle (what many people think of as “discipline” or “willpower”) can help you be a better self-observer and to pause before acting impulsively. When faced with a choice between immediate pleasure and long-term benefit, your […]

We know that the road to success often requires self-discipline, or choosing long-term gain over short-term pleasure: resisting a cupcake in the service of losing weight, enduring the hardship of homework in order to achieve good grades, spending hours in training in order to win an athletic championship, or passing up the unplanned purchases to […]