I recently led a “change group” for individuals who were attempting to modify a habit of their choosing. When we reached the last meeting, group members reflected on their experiences, identifying what they found most helpful to their change efforts. Several group members discovered it was most helpful to take the time to be truly […]

Research by Oettingen (European Review of Social Psychology, 2012) suggests that if we’re working on building good money habits, we might benefit from the “WOOP” exercise. Although it sounds like a fancy new dance step, it’s really just a quick mental strategy that helps you to predict what problems might get in your way and […]

It’s a new year and you’ve taken on a new money goal: saving more, spending less, or expanding your financial literacy. The self-help industry proposes that it can help you with these financial goals. Be careful! While some of the advice you read in self-help books may be sound, much of the advice perpetuates myths […]

Every week in my change groups there is a “check-in” period during which group members report on the progress they are making toward their goals. I am often dismayed to hear them minimizing, belittling, or outright dismissing their weekly accomplishments because they feel they are too “small.” Somehow, they feel that their progress doesn’t count […]

One of the most common complaints I hear in my change group is that people feel “stuck” or “paralyzed.” They are ready to change a habit, and yet despite their good intentions, they feel unable to begin taking concrete steps. Here are three ideas that might help to mobilize you into action: Stop the exhaustive […]

At last, the print version (paperback) of Pocket Change is here, available on Amazon. Every year, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions to save more, spend less, or otherwise become savvier about their financial habits. And every year, most of these resolutions end in failure. Getting better with money and achieving your financial goals […]

Effertrux Publishing is pleased to announce the release of the electronic version of Pocket Change: Using the Science of Personal Change to Improve Financial Habits. For those who prefer the print version, the paperback will be released next month. I am happy to be able to share my writing with you and look forward to […]