Have you ever found yourself getting hung up on the things you did wrong in the past? “I always give in to temptation and spend my whole paycheck instead of saving part of it.” Or, “I already blew my budget, so I might as well keep on spending.” At times, your self-disappointment may grow so […]

A somewhat recent development in the field of psychology is the study of “positive psychology,” which examines the positive qualities and experiences that improve human functioning rather than the disorders that disrupt behavior. Chief among these qualities is gratitude. Studies have found that writing a letter of thanks to someone or making a “gratitude appointment” […]

Imagine that there is a slight twist on the old magic genie scenario, and the genie offers to answer three questions for you. Committed as you are to your financial change efforts, you decide you are going to use your questions strategically. You want the answers you receive to accelerate your progress toward your financial […]

We know that the more emotionally miserable we feel, the more prone we are to give in to life’s temptations, such as impulse purchases and spending sprees (and chocolate cake!).  When depression, anxiety, and stress combine, they create the perfect storm that renders us defenseless against bad financial habits. Let’s take a look at why […]